Thursday, December 27, 2007

On The Road Again!!!!!!

And Joc is back on the road again. Tonight he will be in my hometown Columbus, Ohio performing at Club Ice. The judge in cleveland is allowing Joc to travel for work but he is not allowed to own or possess a handgun. He is scheduled to be back in a Cleveland courtroom on January 25th.
Earlier this afternoon, Joc was on Columbus radio station Power 107.5 and he addressed the charges by pretty much saying he is innocent. Joc claims that it was all a mishap. He said the gun was in a bag and he didn't have the bag all day. Someone else had been carrying it for him, and that is why he may not be facing the federal charges because he didn't have the bag. We will see. Yall know how the feds like to charge folks who are guilty by association. I know whoever had the bag before Joc was smart enough to pass it along before they went through airport security!!!!
Be sure to check out, Columbus's Premiere Club Photo site. I'm so sure they will have all the hot, ghetto messes that will be at Club Ice tonight!!!!!! They are the ones who caught Ginuwine doing the bachelor party in Columbus a few weeks back. Too bad Miss Nista won't be able to make it out there and give us the full ghetto report card!!!!!

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