Thursday, December 27, 2007

Is He Is or Is He Ain't A Pedophile?!?!

So Raz-B, from B2K, has recanted his allegations against Chris Stokes. I'm sure he realized he faced extreme legal actions against Chris Stokes, Omarion, and others for the slanderous and defamatory remarks that were made. I watched the videos and I believed Raz-B's video when he had Marques Houston's fathers and sister on the phone. That video didn't look edited to me. The video of Raz-B's brother was DEFINITELY edited and extremely unbelieveable.

Personally, I still think Chris Stokes is a pedophile and only the members of B2K and Immature know what REALLY happend. I wish Raz-B wouldn't have recanted because an investigation may have been launched and the truth would've been revealed. I don't know of any man that would get on a video viewed by millions and millions and say "my butt hurt" if it wasn't true. I'm also wondering why the other 2 members of B2K haven't come forward to support or deny the claim. Also, where is LDB and the other one from Immature with their statements? And has Marques' @ss said anything yet?!?!? Also, what GIRL group has Chris ever managed?!?!? Usually, if a manager has had this much success with male groups, they would set their goals on doing the same with a female group, wouldn't you think?!?!? Hmmm........

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