Thursday, December 20, 2007

For The Men: How To Rock That Scarf

As you all may have notices, urban male artists have decided to start a new scarf trend. Jay-Z, Chris Brown and JD have both recently been spotted sporting the new style and blog buddy Sandra Rose had a post yesterday stating "The Muslims are taking offense to a style of dress adopted by rappers who wear a jalabia - a Muslim symbol of freedom - around their necks as a scarf. The jalabia is a traditional head dress worn by Muslim freedom fighters."

Young Jeezy was spotted styling this trend at Justin's on Tuesday and rocking the Louis Vuitton Ski Scarf. The rapper put his own "twist" on the scarf and I believe his LV monogram scarf is worn best. He still keeps his swagger while not wearing it in a manner that is offensive to others.

Jim Jones was also spotted with his scarf swagger on and poppin. Obviously, Jimmy is doing a bit too much with his but he gets a "A" for effort.

Here are a few scarfs that can be found over at Louis Vuitton. Men, just use this post as a guide of exactly how to rock that scarf. You can always be stylish and make a fashion statement that doesn't turn political. Plus, what woman doesn't just LOVE a man that can do more than rock a white tee and some Force Ones!!!!

Croisette Scarf $195

Ski Scarf $675

Cardiff Scarf $270

Wales Scarf $450- This scarfis my absolute FAVORITE!!!! I love the color scheme and also the leather Louis Vuitton emblem on the scarf. Rock this with some matching wing toe shoes, fly vintage jeans, and a suit jacket or fly shirt and you will have them hoes runnung!!!! LMAO!!!!

2 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

~UmmAslam~ said...

The Muslim men do not Wear jalabia on there head. It is actually the long White sometimes other color long shirt or as some say dress over there pants thats the jalabia. The scafe featured in the photo you have are called kefiya(K-fiya).

Men Scarf said...

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