Friday, November 30, 2007

StyleRazzi: Cremation Edition

Trina, Trina, TRINA!!!!!!! Why? Just answer that one question for me please? Why have you worn the SAME DAMN HIGH WAIST JEANS 3 TIMES IN LESS THAN A MONTH?!?!?!?! I just need some help understanding this. First at Ne-Yo's Breakfast party during the BET Hip-Hop awards, THEN at Chris Brown's Album Release party, AND NOW on November 15th at the opening of the new club White Diamond's in Miami.

Last time Trina decided to wear the hell out of her Guiseppe Zanotti's, we had to have a funeral and bury them. A funeral isn't even sufficient enough for these, they need to be cremated. We have to BURN THESE BITCHES to keep them from "rising from the casket" and showing up on yet another red carpet. Lil Wayne has "dickmatized" this chick so bad that she lost her mind!!!!! I'm *DEAD*. Someone charge this bitch with murder because Trina has officially KILLED my love for High Waist Jeans!!!!!!! Thanks Kisha!!!!

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