Friday, November 30, 2007

Sanaa Keeps the Lesbian Rumors Alive and Nia's Got A New Man?!?!?!

Essence Magazine celebrated the December Magazine Cover Party the other night in LA. The event looked really nice but, as I looked through the photos, these 2 stuck out the most for me!!!!!

Regina Hall gives Sanaa Lathan a sensual kiss on the cheek at the Essence Magazine December Cover Party. Let the lesbian rumors begin... AGAIN!!!!! Look at Sanaa's right hand trying to push Regina back as if to say "No, girl. Not here. Wait until we get home!!!!!"

And let me find out Nia Long has a new man. I don't know WHO this brotha is but check the "girlish" look on Nia's face and peep how her homegirls are on the background telling THE BUSINESS without even saying a word. Facial expressions are priceless!!!!!! I love her but if ONE MORE PERSON says we look alike, I will SCREAM!!!!!!!

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