Thursday, November 29, 2007

Is Lindsay Lohan the Newest Member of G-Unit?!?!?

Lindsay Lohan and 50 Cent are reportedly in talks for the rap superstar to help the actress with her pop music comeback and give her music "an edge". Lohan's father revealed that info to Life and Style magazine saying :

"They're talking about working together. Nothing's firm yet, but they're in talks. They've actually known each other for a while, just from being in the business together and crossing paths at events." (source)

If yall can remember, back in 2005 Lindsay told the New York Post newspaper that P. Diddy and Damon Dash asked her out on date. "Black guys love me Damon Dash, P Diddy I don't know why". She also said "50 called my agent for my number. I was freaking out! The first thing I thought was, 'Where's Eminem? I'm in love with him'"......... I guess the little pop princess has since changed her mind!!!!!!

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