Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Fashion Frenzy: Swagger Jack and Shoes of the Day

Kimora and Baby Phat thought this Golden Cat bootie was a good idea. I would've agreed had it not had a $395 price tag. These shoes are a bit much for my taste. They are real busy with the jeweled heel, animal hair upper, and the leather design intertwined. these boots are avalable exclusively at Baby Phat website.

Channel Cream Patent Boot at Steve Madden for $190. I love the design of this shoe. We featured the bootie earlier this season and know the knee high boot has hit the scene. This shoe would look extra fyl with some black jeans, a black oversized off the shoulder sweater, and black tam hat. Add some red "Mama Tina" lipstick and cream and black accessories and you are READY TO GO!!!!!!! Be adventureous and take your fashion outside of the box.

This is the WORST Swagger Jack I have done thus far!!!!I didn't even want to post this but I know there is some chick somewhere around the world that thought Keyshia Cole's outfit was BANGING and she wants one for the holidays!!!!! Well, boo boo, I got you. We are Equal Opportunity Fashionistas here at StyleRazzi- we don't discriminate against the fashion retarded.

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