Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Urban Candids!!!

The 2007 Angel Ball was held in NYC last night

Ashanti showed up looking very classy. LOVE that dress and her make-up
is always so natural and never over-done

LL Cool J was on the red carpet getting his sexy ON!!!!!! Is it just me or does this man attend almost EVERY engagement WITHOUT the wife!?!?!?!?

Joss Stone didn't get the memo that this was a ball and not a night club!!!! Her dress is cute but it's so out of place.

Diddy was sandwiched in his favorite place!!!!! Between 2 young white models!!!!!! The chick on his left is SO OVER IT!!!! She is proably texting one of her girls like "Girl come get me. I paid all of this money for my ticket and they got me sitting next to Dirty Dick Diddy"

John Legend and model Petra Nemcova were inside chatting it up. Maybe Petra was asking John his secret to looking great in a pair of skinny jeans or how he keeps his lip gloss poppin!!!! How is HE doin'?!?!?

Hip Hop Live Kickoff Tour took place in Hollywood last night

Someone PLEASE tell me what it is about Ghostface aka Pretty Tony that I love sooo much?!?!?! Even when he was in the "Never Be The Same Again" video wearing the robe and had that big hawk on his wrist I was just like DAMN!!!!! His gangsta-swag is just ridiculous!!!

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