Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rihanna Partners with Vanity Shops

Rihanna has yet another fashion door opening for her!!!! I wish this chick would just become a model!!! Here is what we found on Ultimate Rihnanna, her fan site:

The multi-faceted campaign, which will create a vital presence for the world-renowned icon in all of Vanity’s 200+ locations in 24 states, is launching with a special flyaway concert giveaway.

The promotion, which runs from October 26 through November 17, offers a grand prize trip for two to see Rihanna live in concert anywhere in the U.S. and a $500 shopping spree; other prizes include iPods, autographed CDs and Vanity gift cards.

Vanity, which programmed Rihanna’s Album "Good Girl Gone Bad" in heavy rotation, is selling her CD in-store, streaming her music online and will have in-store signage including: life size posters, rack toppers and cash wrap signs in all 200+ locations.

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