Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Melyssa Ford Bash TONIGHT!!!!

Melyssa Ford is having a Birthday/ Costume party in La La Land tonight. We will have the exclusives from what went down at the party tomorrow!!!!!!! The freaks come out at night and, when Melyssa Ford is involved, it's a guaranteed
FREAK FEST!!!!!!!!

We will post a little bit of info in this blog but for the super exclusive scoop, you will have to hop over to our Myspace Page and add us as a friend. We are going to begin posting "The Juicy Sauce" on our Myspace blog that only our "MS Friends" can view!!!!! It will contain juice from parties, concerts, and urban celebrity gossip that is too private for this page!!!! TRUST ME- StyleRazzi has lived and seen wayyyyyy too much for sensitive eyes so get ready for
"The Sauce"!!!!!!!

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