Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Game: Last Night's Episode PLUS Preview of Next Week

Last night was the episode of The Game that I have been waiting to see. I have officially switched teams and now I'm TEAM DERWIN!!! I wanted to snatch Drew's ass through the tv and Naomi Campbell her with my cell phone. That spiteful little winch. And let's not even talk about GIRL MELANIE. It took Malik to act like a grown man to stop Mel from tramping herself all up in his bed. As Jay-Z said "You con't turn a bad girl good but once a good girl goes bad she's gone forever". . . My friends, Melanie is GONE! She isn't too far gone to turn back so we will have to see how the rest of the season plays out.

Men, pay close attention. This is the reason why some of us are afraid of commitment and have a hard time letting our guard down to trust yall. I need the writers at The Game to come with it. There are so many directions the show can take from here. Hopefully they will take the road less traveled and bring us a story angle we aren't even expecting!

Oh yeah, and don't be surprised if the little dude in the red robe that they showed at the end of the show decides to snitch worse than TI's bodyguard and tell Derwin everything he "thought" he saw!!!!!

Here is a preview of what's going to happen next Monday:

Tasha tells Melanie that she has to find a place of her own in a month, Meanwhile, Derwin calls Melanie's parents and informs them about their breakup, causing Melanie to get upset and she reveals that she slept with Trey and that he is paying for her medical school tuition. Later, Jason has trouble performing in the the bedroom, prompting Kelly to suspect that he's having an affair and Dionne offers Melanie a place to stay.

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