Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shoe of the Day

Today's Shoe of the Day is the Christian Louboutin Glitter Pump!!!!!! I'm only posting this b/c I know some celeb is going to think it is a good idea to break these out. These are very creative and would look cute peeking out from under some long, boot-cut high-wait jeans maybe with a gold metallic jacket. I see Mariah trying to make this shoe happen with a mini dress...... NO MA'AM!!!!!! Oh, yeah, BTW these are $690??!?!?!?

Haute Dog!!!!!

Earlier this month, The Juicy Couture Rodeo Drive store officially launched it's "Juicy Crittoure" Collection. This collection will consist of dog apparel accessories and fragrances and will include Pawfum $60, Shampooch $25, Coif Fur $25, Doggy House Spray $30, and limited edition gift sets and nail polish. The collection will be sold at Bloomingdale's and Neiman Marcus starting on October 25th. For those that opt not to spend a whole lot of money on their pets, don' forget that Target has some of the cutest pet clothing and accessories for the budget-fabulous!!!!!

Melyssa Ford Bash TONIGHT!!!!

Melyssa Ford is having a Birthday/ Costume party in La La Land tonight. We will have the exclusives from what went down at the party tomorrow!!!!!!! The freaks come out at night and, when Melyssa Ford is involved, it's a guaranteed
FREAK FEST!!!!!!!!

We will post a little bit of info in this blog but for the super exclusive scoop, you will have to hop over to our Myspace Page and add us as a friend. We are going to begin posting "The Juicy Sauce" on our Myspace blog that only our "MS Friends" can view!!!!! It will contain juice from parties, concerts, and urban celebrity gossip that is too private for this page!!!! TRUST ME- StyleRazzi has lived and seen wayyyyyy too much for sensitive eyes so get ready for
"The Sauce"!!!!!!!

Photo of the Day & Stylerazzi Certified Linkage

I guess Beyonce hasn't had time to stop in a tanning booth while she has been on her Real World Tour!!!!!! Chick is MAD PALE and are we getting Hindu Tattoos now Bey?!?!? I know they sell the Indian Remy Lace-Front wigs over there real cheap, since that's where the hair comes from, but is it asking too much to bring your stylist along and lace your wig up right?!?!?!?!? You are killin me with the built in baby-hair. And let me find out that that's lint I see weaved all up in your weave?!?! Come on honey, YOU'VE GOT TO DO BETTER!!!!

* Jay-Z's Ego Slapped Twice (Sandra Rose)

* Tyra is Expanding (Brown Sista)

* Kanye Cut Lil Wayne Short (Reppin Beantown)

* Common Shows Love to Drunk Fans (All That's Fab)

* Get a Piece of Kanye For $10 (Celebhaterz)

* Elise Neal Channels Superhead (Media Outrage)

Happy Halloween Candids: Naturally Scary.......

It's Halloween and sometimes the stars in their natural state are more humorous than them dressing up!!!!!!!

Zab Judah showed up at his birthday party in NYC on Monday looking like "Skeletor" and Megan Goode decided to come as Lil Kim!!!!!!!!!! Her face is SUPER BLOATED!!!!! Sure looks like "pregnancy fat face" to me.... Hmmmmm

Angel aka Lola Luv decided to come as "Superhead" above the waist and below the waist she decided to come as a "Jay-Z" because her "camel-toe" is real obvious!!!!!!

Nik from ANTM was at Retox in NYC. Her costume was a "black Angelina Jolie"

Jaslene went as herself (skin and bones) to the T-Mobile Shadow Launch Party in NYC

John Legend was at the same event and decided to go as "Inspector Gadget"!!!!

Lenny Kravitz was in the building for the Cipriani Wall Street Concert Series in NYC!!!!! I guess he was going for the "black dracula" look and he pulled it off!!!!!

Pee-Wee Herman aka Paul Reuben was spotted last night at the world premiere of "Park"!!!!! Do yall remember this show?!?!? I used to LOVE the Pee-Wee Herman Show!!!!! For those that do remember and want to have some fun at work today here we go: The secret word is: Halloween. You can't say this word but if someone else says it, go BANANAS and start yelling and screaming and clapping!!!!!!!!!

LawSuit??? Reggie Bush

According to Sports on MSN: The "Finest Man on Earth" Reggie Bush is being sued sports marketer filed a lawsuit Tuesday against former Southern California running back Reggie Bush and his parents that seeks to recoup nearly $300,000 in cash and gifts they allegedly accepted during Bush's sophomore and junior seasons.
The suit, filed in Superior Court, claims Bush and his family received $291,600 in cash, living arrangements and other benefits from Lloyd Lake between November 2004 and January 2006.
"We tried for over a year to resolve this amicably and Bush and his attorney didn't want to reach any resolution," said Lake's attorney, Brian E. Watkins. "They wanted the truth to come out. Now it's out."

If Bush is found to have received improper benefits, USC could be forced to forfeit games. The school could face other sanctions if it's proven that coaches knew or should have known about the alleged benefits.
Also, if Bush is found to have broken NCAA rules during his Heisman-winning season, the award could be revoked.

Congrats! to Mekhi

According to People: Mekhi Phifer and his fiancĂ©e Oni Souratha have welcomed their first child together, his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. Mekhi Thira Phifer was born in Los Angeles on Tuesday at 6:47 a.m., and weighed 5 lbs., 4 oz. "We are really happy and excited," the couple tells PEOPLE. "He is beautiful."The boy joins Omikaye, the actor's 8-year-old son from a previous relationship. The couple showed off their son's green-themed nursery to some 200 friends – including Don Cheadle and Laura Linney – at their baby shower earlier this month. "This is just the start of the tribe," Phifer, 32, told PEOPLE at the shower. "I want to have four or five kids."

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

106 & Park Reunion: FREE AND AJ

LMAO!!!! Just kidding, yall!!!!

Television Host AJ Calloway and his pet Bangs at the Annimal Fair Magazine's 7th Annual Canine Halloween Pet Costume Party at Arena on October 29, 2007 in New York, NY.

FABULOUS is an Understatement!!!

And just when you thought it was safe!!!!! Crunktastical has once again made my day. I'm not the type to ever get star struck but let me tell you, the day I meet Gaymon aka Andre J- my life will be complete!!!! He is my BFF in my head and that extra long, silky, indian remy is KILLIN the weave game. I need Gaymon to be the posterchild for lace-fronts and show Bey, Trina, Tyra, and Naomi the way it's supposed to be done!!!! Fabulous is an understatement. Gaymon makes a dime look average!!!! WORK!!!!!

Rihanna Partners with Vanity Shops

Rihanna has yet another fashion door opening for her!!!! I wish this chick would just become a model!!! Here is what we found on Ultimate Rihnanna, her fan site:

The multi-faceted campaign, which will create a vital presence for the world-renowned icon in all of Vanity’s 200+ locations in 24 states, is launching with a special flyaway concert giveaway.

The promotion, which runs from October 26 through November 17, offers a grand prize trip for two to see Rihanna live in concert anywhere in the U.S. and a $500 shopping spree; other prizes include iPods, autographed CDs and Vanity gift cards.

Vanity, which programmed Rihanna’s Album "Good Girl Gone Bad" in heavy rotation, is selling her CD in-store, streaming her music online and will have in-store signage including: life size posters, rack toppers and cash wrap signs in all 200+ locations.

Jay-z and Beyonce

What would an urban blog be without a random Jay Z and Beyonce post?!?!?! got a hold to an old photoshoot Bey did. I like this photo b/c I was really feelin' the chair

Ms. Knowles-Carter was spotted arriving in Thailand. "Hoe Sit Down, Hoe Sit Down".... gotta love Maceo!!!!!! I see she decided to do her own make-up again= MESS

Jay-Z was spotted arriving at the taping of the Late Show yesterday. Don't know about the whole scarf, Adidas thing but if he likes it then cool. Anything is better than that mess of a suit he was spotted in last week

Urban Candids!!!

The 2007 Angel Ball was held in NYC last night

Ashanti showed up looking very classy. LOVE that dress and her make-up
is always so natural and never over-done

LL Cool J was on the red carpet getting his sexy ON!!!!!! Is it just me or does this man attend almost EVERY engagement WITHOUT the wife!?!?!?!?

Joss Stone didn't get the memo that this was a ball and not a night club!!!! Her dress is cute but it's so out of place.

Diddy was sandwiched in his favorite place!!!!! Between 2 young white models!!!!!! The chick on his left is SO OVER IT!!!! She is proably texting one of her girls like "Girl come get me. I paid all of this money for my ticket and they got me sitting next to Dirty Dick Diddy"

John Legend and model Petra Nemcova were inside chatting it up. Maybe Petra was asking John his secret to looking great in a pair of skinny jeans or how he keeps his lip gloss poppin!!!! How is HE doin'?!?!?

Hip Hop Live Kickoff Tour took place in Hollywood last night

Someone PLEASE tell me what it is about Ghostface aka Pretty Tony that I love sooo much?!?!?! Even when he was in the "Never Be The Same Again" video wearing the robe and had that big hawk on his wrist I was just like DAMN!!!!! His gangsta-swag is just ridiculous!!!

Cover Me: Denzel Covers Jet Magazine

Denzel's on the cover of the latest JET Magazine. They speak with him about the new movie "American Gangster" and they also interview the real Frank Lucas and his daughter. According to the article, Frank Lucas also has an 11 yr old son and the cop arrested him is now his personal attorney and godfather to his son.We all know how Denzel plays the HELL out of roles where he is the "bad guy" and folks are saying his role in this movie may stir up some "Oscar buzz".

The Game: Last Night's Episode PLUS Preview of Next Week

Last night was the episode of The Game that I have been waiting to see. I have officially switched teams and now I'm TEAM DERWIN!!! I wanted to snatch Drew's ass through the tv and Naomi Campbell her with my cell phone. That spiteful little winch. And let's not even talk about GIRL MELANIE. It took Malik to act like a grown man to stop Mel from tramping herself all up in his bed. As Jay-Z said "You con't turn a bad girl good but once a good girl goes bad she's gone forever". . . My friends, Melanie is GONE! She isn't too far gone to turn back so we will have to see how the rest of the season plays out.

Men, pay close attention. This is the reason why some of us are afraid of commitment and have a hard time letting our guard down to trust yall. I need the writers at The Game to come with it. There are so many directions the show can take from here. Hopefully they will take the road less traveled and bring us a story angle we aren't even expecting!

Oh yeah, and don't be surprised if the little dude in the red robe that they showed at the end of the show decides to snitch worse than TI's bodyguard and tell Derwin everything he "thought" he saw!!!!!

Here is a preview of what's going to happen next Monday:

Tasha tells Melanie that she has to find a place of her own in a month, Meanwhile, Derwin calls Melanie's parents and informs them about their breakup, causing Melanie to get upset and she reveals that she slept with Trey and that he is paying for her medical school tuition. Later, Jason has trouble performing in the the bedroom, prompting Kelly to suspect that he's having an affair and Dionne offers Melanie a place to stay.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Soulja Boy + Remy Ma

Throwback Performance: Jay and Bey

Jay-Z and Beyonce "Can't Knock The Hustle" Live...... I wish these two would just make a whole album together. Beyonce KILLS Mary on this song!!!!

Throwback Performance: Keyshia Cole

This is one of my favorite live performances of Keyshia Cole. Keyshia Cole performed at the Vibe Awards a few years back and this was when her voice was first introduced to me on in a live, raw, unedited format. Watch the people in the audience, including Mary J blige, as they hang on to her every note!!!!!! Keyshia is the truth!!!!


UPDATE: Tonight is the night!!!!!! Ladies, grab your homegirls and get the ice cream and popcorn ready because this is the episode that we have all been waiting for. Team Derwin and Team Melanie, it's time to throw down!!!! We have seen the previews of Melanie in the bed with Malik but will they go all the way? Will Melanie accept Derwin's second proposal? What will Derwin say when Drew kisses him on live TV? Find out tonight on CWTV's THE GAME!!!!!!

Monday night, IT'S GOING DOWN!!!!! This is the episode we have all been waiting for and it will really make you ask the question- TEAM DERWIN OR TEAM MELANIE?!?!?! I know I did a preview to Monday's episode earlier this week but Kristen H. over at CBS/ Paramount sent some more info plus some still shots from the show, including special guest Musiq, the kiss that will test Melanie, and Mel and Derwin in a heated argument!!!!!! Here is the juice *Thanks Kristen*:

Musiq Soulchild makes a cameo, and even teams up with Derwin to help win Melanie back…..But what's going to happen when temptress Drew Sidora shows up and plants one on Derwin on national television, forcing a very upset Melanie to turn to Malik?

Is Tyra's Show Staged?

Accorging to Media Outrage:
Designer Ivy Supersonic was thrown out of Tyra’s studio after disagreement. Here are the accounts of what happened….
IT was a tense moment behind the scenes at “The Tyra Banks Show” the other day when the supermodel host’s security guards threw out designer Ivy Supersonic minutes before the program taped. “The segment was on hooking up with men, and I came in this beautiful $800 dress, silk with black lace from top to bottom,” Supersonic told Page Six. “But they didn’t want any of my tattoos showing - I have a ‘justice’ tattoo smack across my chest and ones that say ‘Thank you, God,’ ‘Warrior’ and ‘Force of Nature.’ Then they made me take off my jewelry and put on some Kmart T- shirt. They wanted me to say a line, ‘I’m like Samantha from “Sex and the City” ‘ - like I’m the find ‘em, feel ‘em, [bleep] ‘em and forget ‘em type. I mean, what kind of show is this?” Supersonic said she got fed up, ripped the T-shirt off and threw it on the floor, prompting security to toss her out. Banks’ rep did not return calls.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

He Said, She Said: Blog Rumors

I know yall know what HE SAID SHE SAID is. We are about to do our own little version to recap all the rumors swirling around blog world......

So RhymesWithSnitch said Diddy took Cassie to Howard's Homecoming and they were all hugged up at Love. Reppin Beantown said Kelis got dropped from Jive but she doesnt care b/c she is about to start hosting a show on VH1. Brownsista said 50 Cent gave Ciara a 15 karat ring for her birthday but All That's Fab said they're just friends and YBF saw Ciara and Trina wearing the same dress and wants to know who rocked it better. is wondering if Paula Patton is pregnant. Brownsista also spotted Rihanna looking real plain and none of Brownsista's friends liked her dress. Mediaoutrage is just chillin listening to leaked Jay Z tracks . . Go to each page to read more about the specifics of the HE SAID SHE SAID!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Day 2 of Ciara's birthday bash took place at Runway in NYC!!!!
She looks flawless.

Video chick Angel was in the building. She looks very classy.
Love this look for her.

Thank you CiCi for keeping the birthday cake semi-traditional!!!!!!

Naomi Campbell and Dame Dash attended the Black Retail Action Group Scholarship Dinner in NYC last night. Lacefronts with added baby hair and brown contacts are a combination only Naomi can get away with and I am ONLY saying that because I would hate for her to even "attempt" to hit me with a Blackberry!!!!

For some odd reason, Timbaland was performing at Pure nightclub in Vegas last night. his beats are off the chain and I love some of his collabo's but he just never struck me as a "performer"!!!!

Oh, really Tim-BOBO?!?!?!

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