Wednesday, September 26, 2007

YOU Do The Math: Usher Revisited

Usher had a fragrance launch party in NYC last night for his new He/She line. The party was attended by Beyonce, Martha Stewart, Ludacris, Nelly, JD, and others and even Mama Patton was in the building. EEK-MEEK was at the soiree but she wasn't attached to Usher's hip, like usual!!! She posed on the red carpet alone. I wonder if anyone has a recent photo of Usher, his mom, and Tameka TOGETHER since the "I Do's"?!?!? Mr. Raymond did have a ring on though- it was on his RIGHT HAND and more resembled the ring on top of his fragrances than his wedding band. YOU DO THE MATH:

Usher + Eek-Meek by his side= RING Usher + Tameka not tagging along= NO RING!!!!!!

Case closed BISHES!!!!!!!!!

The happy couple also announced at the party that they are having a boy!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!!!! While this is big news and a surprise to most, they should've already KNEW the sex of the baby. You find out the sex of the baby during the 4th month of pregnancy, not in the middle of month 7 and Eek-Meek looks to be 4-5 months in the above photo and not the 7-8 that she claims to be!!!!!!!!!! Come on now- Stop playing. The soap opera continues..........................

Update:.................. Looking at a photo from the Fashion Rocks After-Party, that took place earlier this month, you can see the ring on Usher's left hand is the same right her wore last night- ON HIS RIGHT HAND!!!!! What married man wears his wedding band on his right hand? If you are going to wear it, put it on the hand it was intended for.

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