Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday Releases

Today is a great day for me in the world of music and books. Jill Scott "The Real Thing Words and Sounds- Vol.3", Gorilla Zoe "Welcome to the Zoo", Jagged Edge "Baby Making Project", Keyshia Cole "Just Like You", and Karrine Steffans "The Vixen Diaries" are all being released today.
To my surprise, "The Vixen Diaries" has not been getting as much publicity as Karrine's first book. I can remember I went all over Atlanta on the day that book was released trying to find a copy. I think I will wait to see the reviews this book gets before I pick up my copy.
I have heard some of the tracks for Jagged Edge's latest project, their 6th cd, and it is definitely some baby making music. A bunch of babies will be making their summer debut in 2008 because of this cd. They are also said to be releasing another cd in May of 2008.
I am just a big fan of Keyshia Cole so I'm confident her sophomore release will be as good as or even trump her first release. "Let It Go" is my theme song and my jam right now!!!!!
Jill Scott, Gorilla Zoe, and Queen Latifah are all releasing cd's today as well so there is a wide variety of music that caters to all genres.

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