Thursday, September 27, 2007

StyleRazzi: Celebrity Stylist

Have you ever looked at a celeb and wondered what they would look like if YOU were given the opportunity to dress them? I do it all of the time but over the weekend I finally took the time to select some wonderful outfits and pair them up with some of our favorite urban ladies!!!!! During the rest of this week and early next week, ee are going to take a look at some of the hottest female celebs and how I would dress them if I had the chance.
(All of the items were spotted @,, and

Keyshia Cole is my favorite!!!! I have always been a fan of her style and, now that she has upped her fab game to the max, she is unstoppable. Keyshia would look wonderful in this white Organza Sleeve Mini Ivory Dress by ABS. I think white compliments her skin and new blonde haircut very well. Paired with these Moschino Black and White Open-Toe Pumps and some over-sized black pearl accessories, I believe Keyshia would shut down any event she showcased this look at.

Alicia Keys was one of StyleRazzi’s picks for Best Dressed of the Year. Her style has had a major upgrade since she burst onto the music scene. I picked the Burn Out Velvet Mini Dress by ABS. The ankle bootie is the IT shoe of the fall so I would put her in theMoschino Open Toe Patent Bootie and change the color of the ribbon in the shoes to match the pink ribbon on the dress. I’ve never really seen Alicia in the mini dress/boot combo so I would love to see if she could pull it off.

Beyonce always looks great. Even though she recently changed her hair color, her she always looks beautiful when she is in gold. I would put Bey in the Petite Metallic Brocade Shift Dress by ABS and pair it with theblack Cesare Pacotti #932510 available at . The only accessory I would add is some gold chandelier earrings. The shoes and dress are so amazing that I wouldn’t want to kill the look by over-accessorizing.

Megan’s style is very sometimey- sometimes she’s got it, most of the time she doesn’t. Either way, Megan has an amazing shape and loves to show it off. Megan would look great in the Bronze Jersey Mini by ABS. The shoe of choice is the Angels Diamond Sandal #5197 available at . In the photo they don't seem to match exactly but the sexyness of the shoe and the dress under the lights of the paparazzi would bring all the gold tones together. These shoes are the truth and would take Megan’s sexy to the MAX!!!!! She could even rock her favorite bamboo earrings with this look and still look fab!!!

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