Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keyshia Cole........... Just Like Me..... CD Review

I have anticipated this CD for awhile!! I went straight to Target this morning to make the purchase. Keyshia has definitely went from "Hood Rat"
to "Mega Star" this time around. Her vocal range is ridiculous and her voice is so fresh and crispy. Don't front- you remember "Love" and the first time you heard it you said "Why is she screaming"?!?!? It sounded like she went straight into the booth and poured her heart out. She sings the absolute TRUTH. I guess having your heartbroken means that you produce an album like this. Let me find out that Jezzy is the new "K-Ci of Jodeci"
and he broke Keke's heart like K-Ci did to Mary!!!! This is Keyshia's "My Life" album!! This is a must have album!! No bootleggers. Ladies and some of you men will be able to relate to all of the songs.
Top 5 Songs!

1. "Didn't I Tell You" f/ Too $hort- Wipe those tears away and go pop bottles with your girls at the club and have fun. Ladies take that advice- put on your "Butt getting BIG jeans" and hit the scene.

2. "Fallin' Out"- This joint is about being frustrated with a that "Relationship" and slowly falling out of love with that person. We all go through it and wonder how did "We get this way".

3. "I Remember" - Reflects on the 'broken heart" and feeling sad, lonely, crying, not being able to sleep without that person being on the other side, hiding all the pain in your heart. Ladies I know you feel that!!!
It's the truth

4. "Heaven Sent"- We all wonder if we have a "Soul mate" and wonder when is that special person will appear in your life. Believe that you are that person whom is sent from "Heaven". Give love a chance. Just because you have lost love does not mean you're not "Heaven Sent" for someone else. (I can really relate)

5. "Just Like You"- Take your time and get to know yourself- the real YOU.
Keyshia proved she's like us and has had and continues to have trials and tribulations just like "You".

Enough! Go buy the CD

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