Friday, September 28, 2007

Keyshia Cole: Jeezy or not?!?!?

Rumors have been swirling the internet and radio regarding Keyshia Cole's relationship with Young Jeezy. In a recent Essence magazine interview, Keyshia discussed how she was engaged and had to break it all off and then she saw the guy with another female and tried to "rip the girl's head off". Everyone automatically assumed she was speaking about Young Jeezy but he has denied that and states he doesn't know who she is talking about but it ISN'T him. Initially I thought Jeezy was trying to shift story so women wouldn't be upset that he broke KeyKey's heart but, after taking a listen to her first cd "The Way It Is", I am lead to believe he is actually telling the truth.

One song in particular, "You've Changed", is what makes me believe it is another man she is talking about. The lyrics of the song states that she "packed up all my things, left the engagement ring, because from the looks of things I can't do this". Sandra Rose ( has a great soap opera like story regarding Keyshia, Jeezy, another woman and an incident that took place at Spondivits in Atlanta. Though it is definitely true that Keyshia and Jeezy dated, I now doubt that he is the only one she is speaking about during the Essence Interview. Personally, I feel like she deserves better than Jeezy any d@mn way. I would love to see Keyshia with someone not even in the industry limelight..........................

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