Friday, September 21, 2007

Hey Ursh, WHERE'S THE RING!?!?!

Usher and EEK-MEK recently spotted out and about (spotted @

Usher at Obama event in Atlanta yesterday (photo:

Usher fragrance release on 9/13/07 Lenox mall in ATL

Usher at Raheem DeVaughn concert in Atlanta earlier this week (spotted @

It's only been a little under 3 weeks since Mr Raymond tied the knot and ALREADY Ursh has been spotted WITHOUT his wedding band. Damn, are we the only ones who have noticed? He proudly displayed the ring just days after the wedding when he performed and chilled during the Fashion Rocks festivities. Usher even co-hosted an event with Barack Obama yesterday here in Atlanta and he proudly displayed the ring there but it was MIA at recent events like the release of his new fragrance and when he was spotted at Raheem DaVaughn's show in Atl. It even looked as though it was missing when he recently was inducted in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, but thats unconfirmed because I didn't bother to watch the show and Usher was a no-show on the red carpet so I couldn't find any pics!!!!

I know in most normal marriages, a husband without a ring is a major NO NO but, hey, WTF has been NORMAL about this whole charade anyway? I'm sure his "people" may try to dispell the missing ring as a "sizing issue" or some other crazy made up bullish. YOU be the judge. My Verdict: I think this is another staged marriage like Brandy's make believe one. I won't believe it until I see the official marriage license......

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