Thursday, September 27, 2007

Did Joc REALLY get robbed?

Ms. Sophia (V to the 1-0-333333333) got an exclusive interview from Yung Joc regarding rumors circulating that he was robbed of his famous "H" chain worth over $150,000 while at a nightclub in London. From what Joc told Ms. Sophia, he and T-pain were at a nightclub in London speaking with a young lady when a "football player-looking" guy came up and grabbed the girl by her neck. Joc said he knew there was going to be a problem so he REMOVED the chain and put it in the box he carries it in, which was then held by his manager Rico. The man poured his wine out of a glass he was drinking and then hit T-Pain's hype man with the glass. They then took the fight outside, just as r&b superstar Ne-Yo was arriving. (Ne-Yo wasn't at all involved in the altercation). Then, while outside of the club, Joc and his crew put an A-Town ass whoppin on the man that chocked the chick up.
So, basically, Joc DID NOT get robbed for his chain.

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