Friday, September 28, 2007

Celebrity Stylist: Part 2

Today, we continue with our Celebrity Stylist series. This is just as much fun as when I used to dress my Barbie Dolls!!!!!!! LOL!!!!! (I'm so CORNY!!!) Anyway, check out today's fabulous ladies and make sure you check back next week as we dress the "expecting"!!!!!!

Ashanti has been looking absolutely amazing recently. She has been spotted in the tight satin dresses a lot recently so I would stick with that same concept but add the IT color mix of the fall- Black and White. I think she would look great in this Zebra Print Sexy Cocktail Dress by Dina Bar-el. Pair it with these Christian Louboutin Fox Trot Pumps and some fabulous diamond accessories and she would be ready for any movie premiere or album release.

Gabrielle Union is the only celebrity that always looks FLAWLESS!!!!! Her reputation has come in question a lot in the past few weeks but her sense of style can never be doubted. Gabrielle would look utterly fabulous in this Taupe Flower Corsage Cocktail Dress by ABS. The color of the dress on her glowing brown skin is what would make this look FIYAH!!!! Finding the perfect shoes for this outfit was a bit of a challenge but i think the Givenchy Helmut Gold #574936 would be perfect.

Mary J Blige always looks like a million-plus! She can put on damn near anything and make it look great. I picked a look that I felt only Mary could get away with. I love this Cream Turtleneck Sweater Dress by Tara Jarmon. Something about the dress reminds me of the early 80’s. I would add that new millennium touch by pairing the dress with the Cesare Paciotti #134810C. Best believe these pumps are going on my wish list too J I would just add some tiered pearl earrings with this look and maybe an over-sized opal ring. The shoes are so busy that I wouldn’t want to draw any attention away from them with adding too many unnecessary accessories.

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