Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Big Boi Joins the Atlanta Ballet

Big Boi stopped by the Frank and Wanda Morning Show on V-103 this morning to talk about some big things he has been working on. He has just completed his verse on the "I'm So Hood" remix, which is supposed to be released later this week. The main reason for his visit was to announce his collaboration with the Atlanta Ballet and choreographer Lauri Stallings to merge ballet and hip-hop on the big stage for a performance that has never been seen anywhere in the country since the movie Flash Dance back in the 80's. This is the first time that hip-hop and ballet have come together on the stage for a show of this magnitude. The show will feature Big Boi LIVE on stage performing with the backing of the Atlanta Ballet and it is titled "BIG".

Approximately 36 Atlanta youth will premiere a 12 minute snippet of the ballet tonight. The full show will debut April 6, 2008 at the Fox Theater in Downtown Atlanta. If you would like to attend the premiere tonight, call 404-873-5811 ext.221 for more info on how to obtain tickets. Tickets for the April performance go on sale Monday at or you can log-on to
today to get advanced tickets.

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