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Sunday Snippets

Here are some posts on a few of our favorite blogs that we thought you may like:

*Kanye 106 & Park skit on SNL
*Diddy hasn't buried the B word
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*Gabrielle Union's NipSlip
*Superhead on Foxxhole audio
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Friday, September 28, 2007

One Word: FIERCE!!!!!

I have seen MANY photos of "Gaymon" and with each photo all I can do is smile!!!!!!!! always has the BEST photos of Gaymon and this is definitely another one to add to the collection. Someone needs to call Tyra and tell her to fire MISS JAY ASAP because Gaymon is killing him softly!!!!! Let this be the reason I snatch my son's lil @ss up outta his shoes on the daily!!!!

Celebrity Stylist: Part 2

Today, we continue with our Celebrity Stylist series. This is just as much fun as when I used to dress my Barbie Dolls!!!!!!! LOL!!!!! (I'm so CORNY!!!) Anyway, check out today's fabulous ladies and make sure you check back next week as we dress the "expecting"!!!!!!

Ashanti has been looking absolutely amazing recently. She has been spotted in the tight satin dresses a lot recently so I would stick with that same concept but add the IT color mix of the fall- Black and White. I think she would look great in this Zebra Print Sexy Cocktail Dress by Dina Bar-el. Pair it with these Christian Louboutin Fox Trot Pumps and some fabulous diamond accessories and she would be ready for any movie premiere or album release.

Gabrielle Union is the only celebrity that always looks FLAWLESS!!!!! Her reputation has come in question a lot in the past few weeks but her sense of style can never be doubted. Gabrielle would look utterly fabulous in this Taupe Flower Corsage Cocktail Dress by ABS. The color of the dress on her glowing brown skin is what would make this look FIYAH!!!! Finding the perfect shoes for this outfit was a bit of a challenge but i think the Givenchy Helmut Gold #574936 would be perfect.

Mary J Blige always looks like a million-plus! She can put on damn near anything and make it look great. I picked a look that I felt only Mary could get away with. I love this Cream Turtleneck Sweater Dress by Tara Jarmon. Something about the dress reminds me of the early 80’s. I would add that new millennium touch by pairing the dress with the Cesare Paciotti #134810C. Best believe these pumps are going on my wish list too J I would just add some tiered pearl earrings with this look and maybe an over-sized opal ring. The shoes are so busy that I wouldn’t want to draw any attention away from them with adding too many unnecessary accessories.

King Magazine 5th Anniversary

King Magazine recently held it's 5th Anniversary Party at Stereo in NYC. It was hosted by WACK-SI. I see she wa sjust as tired as we were of the mess of a bob haircut that she had so she threw the tracks back in. She still looks a HAM. Video Vixen Angel aka Lola Luv was in the building. I wonder why she didn't host? I'm sure her cover sold wayyyy more than Wack-si. Also in attendance were Irv Gotti, Quentin Richardson, Alesha Renee, Terrance (Wack-si's other wack half), J. Holiday, DJ Clue and others. For more photos and some inside scoop about Irv and Wack-si, check out

Keyshia Cole: Jeezy or not?!?!?

Rumors have been swirling the internet and radio regarding Keyshia Cole's relationship with Young Jeezy. In a recent Essence magazine interview, Keyshia discussed how she was engaged and had to break it all off and then she saw the guy with another female and tried to "rip the girl's head off". Everyone automatically assumed she was speaking about Young Jeezy but he has denied that and states he doesn't know who she is talking about but it ISN'T him. Initially I thought Jeezy was trying to shift story so women wouldn't be upset that he broke KeyKey's heart but, after taking a listen to her first cd "The Way It Is", I am lead to believe he is actually telling the truth.

One song in particular, "You've Changed", is what makes me believe it is another man she is talking about. The lyrics of the song states that she "packed up all my things, left the engagement ring, because from the looks of things I can't do this". Sandra Rose ( has a great soap opera like story regarding Keyshia, Jeezy, another woman and an incident that took place at Spondivits in Atlanta. Though it is definitely true that Keyshia and Jeezy dated, I now doubt that he is the only one she is speaking about during the Essence Interview. Personally, I feel like she deserves better than Jeezy any d@mn way. I would love to see Keyshia with someone not even in the industry limelight..........................

As we all know, when you work in Corporate America there are all types of email that get forwarded and spammed all day long. Most of them are junk mail but sometimes there is that one email that will just brighten your whole day!!!!! Today, I received one of those emails!!!! It was titled "Chocolate Treats" and, though all of the treats seemed a bit more sour than sweet, there was one that I couldn't just keep to myself. I had to share it with those that share my same "sweet tooth" for butter pecan!!!!!!!! I don't know who this brotha is but I would like to take a moment to thank his momma and his daddy........................

Don't TWEEZE Me!!!!!!!!!

Whoever said "It hurts to be beautiful" ain’t NEVER lied!!!!!!! There are a few focal points on the face of a woman- the teeth, the lips, the cheekbones, the eyes, and the eyebrows. You get your teeth whitened, pucker your lips to add the ‘glossiest’ gloss, highlight the cheekbones with some rouge blush, throw some mascara on those lashes to accentuate the eyes, and then…………… BOOM- it all explodes at the eyebrows. Overly bushy and extra thin brows are seriously out-dated. Just like a the mustache, or lack there-of, shapes and defines a man’s face, a woman’s brow affects the look of the eye and helps to define the face. I have seen my fair share of beautiful brows as well as those brows that need a little more attention and, while being overly critical of the less fortunate, I decided that it was time for me to give my own eyebrows a much needed make-over.

Though it was almost damn near impossible, I suffered through the past 2 months allowing my brows to grow out and regain their natural shape. I found myself looking a lot like Ashanti when she first hit the urban scene- A HOT EXTRA THICK UNIBROW MESS!!!!!! Why would I suffer in eyebrow hell you ask? I put myself through this torture in order to experience what I heard was the absolute BEST way to achieve the perfect brow!!!!!!!

From thick to thin to penciled-in, women’s brows come in all types of shapes, sizes, and colors. Curved, angled, arched, round and flat- no matter what your preferred shape we are going to examine the 3 most popular methods to achieve the most beautiful brow so that you can choose what’s right for you. We will also disclose the method I just tried and absolutely fell in love with.

*Waxing- Eyebrow waxing is probably the most popular of the 3 techniques we are examining. In this method, a thin layer of heated wax is applied in the direction of hair growth. A strip is then applied on the wax and then the strip is pulled with force against the hair growth until the desired brow is achieved. (estimated time- 5 minutes)

*Threading- Threading is an ancient Asian technique that has been practiced for centuries. In this method, the skin above and below the eyebrow is stretched by the client to make hair removal easier for the practitioner. The practitioner holds one end of the cotton thread in their mouth and forms a loop with the thread. The thread is then twisted and pulled, acting as a lasso as it pulls the hair directly from the root. (estimated time- 15 minutes)

*Tweezing- With this method, as with the others, the client lays back in a chair. The practitioner uses an eyebrow shaping pencil to draw the desired shape. The brows are brushed and a towel moistened in hot water is placed over the brow for 5 minutes to open the pores. Tweezers are then used to pluck each individual eyebrow hair strand by strand. (estimated time varies- approx 20-30 minutes)

So, which method did I choose to try?!?!? THREADING!!!!!!! Let me tell you the ish hurt like HELL!!!!!!!! I have a total of 6 tattoos and 14 piercing and the pain I felt while getting those was minimal to getting my brows threaded. I have also experienced multiple bikini waxes and I still didn’t tear up as much as I did while getting threaded!!!! In the end, the pain was definitely well worth it. My brows look phenomenal- natural and with make-up!!!! I LOVE my new brows and would recommend threading to anyone who has a high tolerance for pain or an even higher tolerance for doing whatever it takes to be beautiful. Threading is also great for those with sensitive skin who are unable to get their brows waxed. If you would like to try this method, check out the local Indian owned/operated salons in your area. Even though prices for all 3 methods are very reasonable and vary by region and practitioner, I paid a mere $5 for my priceless celebrity-looking brows and I will be suffering through the pain again in 4 weeks!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The 3 Kings of the South are UNTOUCHABLE

Was browsing over at YBF and saw a few snippets from TI's Untouchables party last night so I decided to make my way over to to check out more of the official pjotos from the after-party held at Club Crucial. As you can see, it was definitely going all the way DOWN!!!!!!! TI's parties are always the best and last night looked to be no exception. Some can say what they want but I appreciate themed parties and it looks to me like TI celebrated his birthday in the company of friends, family, and loved ones. Tiny is a BAD bish and any man I know would love for her to the Bonnie to his Clyde...........

Remember these photos are at the AFTERPARTY, which takes place "after the party" meaning about 3 or 4 am so the only question I have is "BOY, WHERE IS YO MAMA?!?!?!?!?"

Gorilla Zoe, Oowee, and someone who is WAYYY PAST their bedtime. Now, on to the fun...

The cakes are amazing!!!!!! A King crown, Louis Bag, and a Snowman!!!!!!!!!

Tity Boi looks SLIZZERED!!!!!!!

For all the photos, visit

For those that missed the party last night, no worries. TI is having another birthday party at Club Crucial on Saturday night and it's also a birthday celebration for Adam "Pacman" Jones!!!!!! The theme for Saturday night's party is"BULLET PROOF VESTS"!!!!!!!

Jeezy is also having a birthday party at the Compound and a private concert/hanger party featuring Jay-Z. If yall remember, last year Jeezy had a hanger party that was a big success. what's unique about the party is that it is held inside an airplane hanger at oneof the airports here in ATL. his clothing release/store opening party will also be on Saturday as well!!!!!! 8732=USDA

Mayweather... "The New Dancing Machine"

I'm at a loss for Words!!! Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather has joined the cast of "Dancing with the Stars" this season. Is this the same guy that runs with 50 cent and talks all that ish!! Now you're on Dancing with the Stars? "Pretty Boy's" swagger has definitely been "JACKED" after seeing him dance he lost all his cool points and has become a "Dancing Machine!" literally. I couldn't believe it!!! HE LOOKS RIDICULOUS IN THAT SUIT. Dancing all over the place. He seems to be a crowd/judge favorite. You be the judge!!!!!!!

StyleRazzi: Celebrity Stylist

Have you ever looked at a celeb and wondered what they would look like if YOU were given the opportunity to dress them? I do it all of the time but over the weekend I finally took the time to select some wonderful outfits and pair them up with some of our favorite urban ladies!!!!! During the rest of this week and early next week, ee are going to take a look at some of the hottest female celebs and how I would dress them if I had the chance.
(All of the items were spotted @,, and

Keyshia Cole is my favorite!!!! I have always been a fan of her style and, now that she has upped her fab game to the max, she is unstoppable. Keyshia would look wonderful in this white Organza Sleeve Mini Ivory Dress by ABS. I think white compliments her skin and new blonde haircut very well. Paired with these Moschino Black and White Open-Toe Pumps and some over-sized black pearl accessories, I believe Keyshia would shut down any event she showcased this look at.

Alicia Keys was one of StyleRazzi’s picks for Best Dressed of the Year. Her style has had a major upgrade since she burst onto the music scene. I picked the Burn Out Velvet Mini Dress by ABS. The ankle bootie is the IT shoe of the fall so I would put her in theMoschino Open Toe Patent Bootie and change the color of the ribbon in the shoes to match the pink ribbon on the dress. I’ve never really seen Alicia in the mini dress/boot combo so I would love to see if she could pull it off.

Beyonce always looks great. Even though she recently changed her hair color, her she always looks beautiful when she is in gold. I would put Bey in the Petite Metallic Brocade Shift Dress by ABS and pair it with theblack Cesare Pacotti #932510 available at . The only accessory I would add is some gold chandelier earrings. The shoes and dress are so amazing that I wouldn’t want to kill the look by over-accessorizing.

Megan’s style is very sometimey- sometimes she’s got it, most of the time she doesn’t. Either way, Megan has an amazing shape and loves to show it off. Megan would look great in the Bronze Jersey Mini by ABS. The shoe of choice is the Angels Diamond Sandal #5197 available at . In the photo they don't seem to match exactly but the sexyness of the shoe and the dress under the lights of the paparazzi would bring all the gold tones together. These shoes are the truth and would take Megan’s sexy to the MAX!!!!! She could even rock her favorite bamboo earrings with this look and still look fab!!!

Ne-yo Helping To Keep Grady Alive

I read something over on Sandra Rose's ( blog that both enlighted and saddened me at the same time. Those who live in Atlanta have been hearing about the financial problems Grady Hospital is currently experiencing. The hospital is in grave danger of closing it's doors by the end of the year if it doesn't get the more than $300 million it needs to come out of debt. Grady is the only Level 1 trauma center in the city- which means that if you are seriously wounded, injured, etc they are the only hospital in the city that have the equipment and experience needed to save your life.

Those outside of Atlanta may always hear rappers brag about being "Grady Babies"- meaning they were born in that hospital. This hospital takes in many of the city's uninsured and they don't turn anyone away, which is one of the main reasons they are in debt.

Sandra Rose has the story/ press release about R&B superstar Ne-Yo having a fund raiser to help raise funds to keep the hospital open. What boggles me is the fact that Ne-Yo isn't even FROM Atlanta. He just recently relocated to the city and opened a studio here within the past year. All of these other rappers/ athletes/ singers/ actors that are from Atlanta always represent the A real hard in the streets and in the strip clubs. Let's see if they can make it rain on Grady. It's a shame that an outsider has to come into the city and initiate doing something big to help the entire community. Here is an excerpt from the press release.

The artist was emotionally moved as he walked through the Neo Natal Unit, the Georgia Cancer Center of Excellence and the Emergency Care Center (the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the city) offering hugs and words of encouragement.

As he stopped to take pictures and sign autographs he shared, "This is so sad. With all the millionaires in the city; both in the entertainment industry, sports, and businesses, we can all do something to help."

To read the entire story and get a link to see more photos of Ne-Yo touring the hospital, please visit (photo: sandrarosenews)

Did Joc REALLY get robbed?

Ms. Sophia (V to the 1-0-333333333) got an exclusive interview from Yung Joc regarding rumors circulating that he was robbed of his famous "H" chain worth over $150,000 while at a nightclub in London. From what Joc told Ms. Sophia, he and T-pain were at a nightclub in London speaking with a young lady when a "football player-looking" guy came up and grabbed the girl by her neck. Joc said he knew there was going to be a problem so he REMOVED the chain and put it in the box he carries it in, which was then held by his manager Rico. The man poured his wine out of a glass he was drinking and then hit T-Pain's hype man with the glass. They then took the fight outside, just as r&b superstar Ne-Yo was arriving. (Ne-Yo wasn't at all involved in the altercation). Then, while outside of the club, Joc and his crew put an A-Town ass whoppin on the man that chocked the chick up.
So, basically, Joc DID NOT get robbed for his chain.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hip-Hop vs. America vs. Video Vixens

Last night was the premiere of Hip-Hop vs America on BET!!!!!! The discussion got pretty heated with last night's guests including Nelly, TI, Benny Boom, and Michael Eric Dyson among others. is reporting that two of tonights guests will include former video vixens Karrine "SuperHead" Steffans and Melyssa Ford.....................we already know the discussion will be about the portrayl of black women in music videos. This should be very interesting. Check out All That's Fab for clips from last night's show. Tune in to BET tonight at 8pm for part 2.

Time For Halloween

Fall has officially arrived and the next holiday we are looking forward to (other than Sweetest Day that is really popular in the MidWest) is Halloween!!!!! What better way to kick-off the Halloween season than to put a gremlin on the cover of Vibe Magazine!!!!! That's right yall. Lil Wayne is gracing the cover of the newest issue of Vibe. I think my son will dress up as Lil Wayne for Halloween this year. Hands down, he would get the prize for the most scary costume!!!!!!!............... I wonder if that's why Wayne wears sunglasses all the time..........................Light hurts the Gremlins eyes!!!!!!!! Someone throw some water on Lil Wayne and see if he multiplies!!!!!!!

YOU Do The Math: Usher Revisited

Usher had a fragrance launch party in NYC last night for his new He/She line. The party was attended by Beyonce, Martha Stewart, Ludacris, Nelly, JD, and others and even Mama Patton was in the building. EEK-MEEK was at the soiree but she wasn't attached to Usher's hip, like usual!!! She posed on the red carpet alone. I wonder if anyone has a recent photo of Usher, his mom, and Tameka TOGETHER since the "I Do's"?!?!? Mr. Raymond did have a ring on though- it was on his RIGHT HAND and more resembled the ring on top of his fragrances than his wedding band. YOU DO THE MATH:

Usher + Eek-Meek by his side= RING Usher + Tameka not tagging along= NO RING!!!!!!

Case closed BISHES!!!!!!!!!

The happy couple also announced at the party that they are having a boy!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!!!! While this is big news and a surprise to most, they should've already KNEW the sex of the baby. You find out the sex of the baby during the 4th month of pregnancy, not in the middle of month 7 and Eek-Meek looks to be 4-5 months in the above photo and not the 7-8 that she claims to be!!!!!!!!!! Come on now- Stop playing. The soap opera continues..........................

Update:.................. Looking at a photo from the Fashion Rocks After-Party, that took place earlier this month, you can see the ring on Usher's left hand is the same right her wore last night- ON HIS RIGHT HAND!!!!! What married man wears his wedding band on his right hand? If you are going to wear it, put it on the hand it was intended for.

Big Boi Joins the Atlanta Ballet

Big Boi stopped by the Frank and Wanda Morning Show on V-103 this morning to talk about some big things he has been working on. He has just completed his verse on the "I'm So Hood" remix, which is supposed to be released later this week. The main reason for his visit was to announce his collaboration with the Atlanta Ballet and choreographer Lauri Stallings to merge ballet and hip-hop on the big stage for a performance that has never been seen anywhere in the country since the movie Flash Dance back in the 80's. This is the first time that hip-hop and ballet have come together on the stage for a show of this magnitude. The show will feature Big Boi LIVE on stage performing with the backing of the Atlanta Ballet and it is titled "BIG".

Approximately 36 Atlanta youth will premiere a 12 minute snippet of the ballet tonight. The full show will debut April 6, 2008 at the Fox Theater in Downtown Atlanta. If you would like to attend the premiere tonight, call 404-873-5811 ext.221 for more info on how to obtain tickets. Tickets for the April performance go on sale Monday at or you can log-on to
today to get advanced tickets.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keyshia Cole on Foxy, Mary, and her other aspirations

Keyshia Cole is the woman of the day. She recently sat down with Rajul Punjabi of for an exclusive interview where she speaks about Foxy Brown, Mary J, and her own personal aspirations to become a veterinarian. . . .

Here are a few questions from the interview. To read the entire interview:

When asked about Too $hort:
He is definitely a pioneer from Oakland, California… One of my favorite artists that comes from Oakland. It was wonderful. I wanted to get him on my first album, but it didn’t work that way. I had more creative control on this album…so I was able to do that.

You tried to get Foxy Brown on your first album and she shrugged you off a couple of times.
I surely would work with Foxy. That’s just the way it is when you come into this business. And business is business. It’s fine, I’m cool with that because I ain’t ever beg nobody for any attention. I actually had recorded one song that I was going to get Foxy on, but it didn’t really work out. I was in between songs like, “I don’t know if I really like it.” I didn’t end up doing it, but I would definitely work with Foxy.

Your first album really blew up. How long did it take for people to notice Keyshia Cole?
Two years out. The first single, “I Changed My Mind” came out—Kanye came through. He’s been a very good friend of mine. I recorded on his first album, actually. You have to put your work in. It’s not easy and you have to sacrifice some things in your life. The boroughs of New York City—that’s where we really started. “I Changed My Mind” was played here [in New York] first. I’m trying to figure out how I can word this right because I am from Oakland, but New York was really the first place to understand and take to my music. Then Oakland was like, “Wow, she’s from here?” And then it was on and crackin’.

To read the entire interview, log on to . They have alot of other great features and articles over there as well.

Shout out to Q100 and the BERT SHOW!!!!!!

Shout out to the BERT SHOW and all of their listeners who are stopping through to play "Where's Usher's Ring"!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! Here is the link to the story that is catching all the headlines, thanks to Sandra Rose showing us love yesterday!!!!!!! Click the above link to go directly to the Usher post and the link below to go back to All The Hits Q100 website!!!!!!! Also, take a look around at what else is going on in the world of urban fashion!!!!!

Keyshia Cole........... Just Like Me..... CD Review

I have anticipated this CD for awhile!! I went straight to Target this morning to make the purchase. Keyshia has definitely went from "Hood Rat"
to "Mega Star" this time around. Her vocal range is ridiculous and her voice is so fresh and crispy. Don't front- you remember "Love" and the first time you heard it you said "Why is she screaming"?!?!? It sounded like she went straight into the booth and poured her heart out. She sings the absolute TRUTH. I guess having your heartbroken means that you produce an album like this. Let me find out that Jezzy is the new "K-Ci of Jodeci"
and he broke Keke's heart like K-Ci did to Mary!!!! This is Keyshia's "My Life" album!! This is a must have album!! No bootleggers. Ladies and some of you men will be able to relate to all of the songs.
Top 5 Songs!

1. "Didn't I Tell You" f/ Too $hort- Wipe those tears away and go pop bottles with your girls at the club and have fun. Ladies take that advice- put on your "Butt getting BIG jeans" and hit the scene.

2. "Fallin' Out"- This joint is about being frustrated with a that "Relationship" and slowly falling out of love with that person. We all go through it and wonder how did "We get this way".

3. "I Remember" - Reflects on the 'broken heart" and feeling sad, lonely, crying, not being able to sleep without that person being on the other side, hiding all the pain in your heart. Ladies I know you feel that!!!
It's the truth

4. "Heaven Sent"- We all wonder if we have a "Soul mate" and wonder when is that special person will appear in your life. Believe that you are that person whom is sent from "Heaven". Give love a chance. Just because you have lost love does not mean you're not "Heaven Sent" for someone else. (I can really relate)

5. "Just Like You"- Take your time and get to know yourself- the real YOU.
Keyshia proved she's like us and has had and continues to have trials and tribulations just like "You".

Enough! Go buy the CD

Pregnancy- It does a Body Good!!!!!!

Nicole Richie was spotted out over the weekend celebrating her 26th birthday in a string bikini and showing her little baby bump. NicRich is 5 months pregnant and looks amazing. I don't agree with her having her belly exposed to all of that direct sunlight but I'm sure she had her 'sunblock poppin'!!!!! (spotted @ celebrity baby blog)

September is the month for ALL the celeb b'days. Lisa Raye, DeVante, Luda, Tity Boi, and NicRich are among those we have already celebrated. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to TI, who celebrates his birthday today, Lil Wayne who celebrates on Thursday, and Jeezy who celebrates on Saturday (I believe). For those in the ATL area, keep your radios locked to Hot 107.9 for your chance to win exclusive passes to TI's birthday bash at a secret location hosted by Lil Wayne and Jeezy. Jeezy will have his bash this Saturday, which is also the release of his clothing line 8732. For more info on all of that, keep it locked to V-103 and Greg Street.

Star-Studded 106 & Park and Posh does Japan

Alicia Keys hit up 106 & Park yesterday to premiere her new video "No One". That emerald blouse is the absolute TRUTH!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!

Keyshia Cole, Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, and Jamie Foxx were also spotted at 106 & Park!!!!!!!!

Jamie always looks real fly!!!!!!!! I still ALWAYS see Wanda when I look at him :-)

Missy looked like Missy- a bedazzled masterpiece

Lil Kim was looking rather fabulous- for her!!!!! It's a major upgrade than what we have seen recently. She still looks like her face was attacked by a swarm of killer bees, though.

Keyshia looked great as well but she is killing me with the shoes..... She gets a pass- THiS TIME

My favorite "non-urban" celeb Victoria Beckham was spotted arriving in Tokyo to promote her new cosmetics line. She is a true fashion icon.

Tuesday Releases

Today is a great day for me in the world of music and books. Jill Scott "The Real Thing Words and Sounds- Vol.3", Gorilla Zoe "Welcome to the Zoo", Jagged Edge "Baby Making Project", Keyshia Cole "Just Like You", and Karrine Steffans "The Vixen Diaries" are all being released today.
To my surprise, "The Vixen Diaries" has not been getting as much publicity as Karrine's first book. I can remember I went all over Atlanta on the day that book was released trying to find a copy. I think I will wait to see the reviews this book gets before I pick up my copy.
I have heard some of the tracks for Jagged Edge's latest project, their 6th cd, and it is definitely some baby making music. A bunch of babies will be making their summer debut in 2008 because of this cd. They are also said to be releasing another cd in May of 2008.
I am just a big fan of Keyshia Cole so I'm confident her sophomore release will be as good as or even trump her first release. "Let It Go" is my theme song and my jam right now!!!!!
Jill Scott, Gorilla Zoe, and Queen Latifah are all releasing cd's today as well so there is a wide variety of music that caters to all genres.

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