Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Upgrade U: Two years after the storm......

It's your girl Miss Nista back again!!!! As we all know today marks the 2nd anniversary of "Hurricane Katrina", which has been labeled the deadliest hurricane to ever hit the United States. On this day, August 29,2005, Hurricane Katrina touched down on the Gulf Coast destroying lives, leaving thousands of survivors homeless, moneyless and searching for answers on how this awful tragedy had took place. Katrina formed on August 23 during the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season and caused devastation along much of the north-central Gulf Coast. The most severe loss of life and property damage occurred in New Orleans, Louisiana, which flooded as the levee system catastrophically failed, in many cases hours after the storm had moved inland. (source wikipedia). The natives in Louisiana and Mississippi were warned before the storm but never expected for their lives to be destroyed in a single day.

Many of us tuned in to our local news channels in complete shock and utter dismay as we watched the images appear across the television with tears in our eyes. It looked as though Louisiana was a third world country as our people pleaded for help searching frantically for family members, food, water, shelter. Once the sadness disappeared anger set in! We wondered why our President did not take action sooner to get food and help the elderly evacuate. Seeing that when the Tsunami hit we helped rapidly with no questions, we all started to think "President" Bush did not like "Black people". It took Kanye West to finally broadcast every African- Americans thoughts on the air waves.

The aftermath survivors continue to rebuild their lives. Some have relocated to other states such as Texas, Georgia, and Ohio to begin restart their lives. We have Louisiana residents whom refuse to move and will rebuilt there homes soon. FEMA continues to extend deadlines for survivors but that may never be enough to accommodate for the major loss they've suffered. In hopes of rebuilding the city that we all call the BIG Easy hosted the Essence Festival in July in hopes to boost there economy by bringing major celebrities to the event. In the year 2008 it will also host the NBA All-Star Game in efforts to help rebuild as well . As this day finally approaches let us all be "Thankful' for the family and friends we have and not take them for granted; because it can all be taken away in the "wink of an eye".

Be sure to tune into BET News on Thursday August 30th (8:30pm EST) they will be airing a special S.O.S.: Two years after the storm interviewing victims of Katrina, and Major Ray Nagin.

~Miss Nista

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Pinkie said...

Great post Miss Nista!! I am glad that stylerazzi still recognizes this traumatic event.

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