Thursday, August 30, 2007

Studio 72 and SoSo Famous

It was officially going down last night at the grand opening of Studio 72 in metro Atlanta. Studio 72 is Jermaine Dupri's new club located on Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker. The invite-only party was STAR STUDDED. Everyone came out to show their support..... According to Ms. Sophia on V-103, out of all the celebs in the house, Janet was the only one with security guards... The grand opening for the general public is tomorrow and the event is being called "Cruch Groove" hosted by Franki Ski. Studio 72 stays open until 5am!!!!!!

AWWWW!!!!!! Nelly touches the stomach of a pregnant Monica!!!!

She is glowing in her pregnancy

Usher "points out" the pregnant belly of his wife Tameka. I SURE do wish they made extra tight skinny jeans when I was pregnant.

Her and Monica are about the same amount of months along in their respective pregnancies. Monica must be having a big ol' healthy baby... or Tameka must've lied about how far along she is b/c her belly in teeny-tiny and I know that when you have your second/third/fourth child your belly stretches out alot faster b/c it altready has that elasticity there!!!!

(I'm sorry. I just had a tourette's moment!!!!!)

Now, back to the business.......


Case?!?!?!?! no comment

I would like to take a moment to pause and check out the RAW STYLE that is Crystal's shoes!!!!! This chick KILLED the shoe game last night!!! The shoes make the ENTIRE OUTFIT INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

Jermaine also debuted his SoSo Famous clothng line at the Magic Convention this week. Jermaine teamed up with Travis Barker and Blink 182's Famous Stars and Straps clothing line for the project. Jermaine states that the line will initially only be sold to exclusive stores. The line will consist of t-shirts, hoodies, belts and belt buckles. I have NEVER thought of JD as a man with a great sense of fashion but who am I.................... :-)

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Anonymous said...

Someone sent me this aricle a couple days ago... thanks for the compliment on my shoes!!!

Cristal (aka Serious)

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