Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Mess...............

Happy Monday!!!! I REALLY wasn't feeling like looking through all of the photos from the Teen Choice Awards so here is the mini razzi from the awards and some other MESS from over the weekend..................

Eve and her ratty weave was at the teen choice awards. I'ma need for her to get her blonde "bob" back b/c this new look is NOT what's good

Nick Cannon was rocking some of his STOP HATING gear!!!!! I guess he got a perm b/c i NEVER remember his hair being this wavy and "daddy yankee" lookin. ANd is it just me or does his chick suffer from the RHIANNA/ TYRA alien forehead syndrome?!?!?

I love her outfit. I forget which twin this is but she gets an A+

Meagan Good and her "unhappy eyebrows" were spotted over the weekend at her rumored boyfriend Thomas Jones' birthday bash at Crash Mansion in NYC.

That has to be the worst weave I have EVER seen on her and Meagan may want to STOP taking plastic surgery tips from Lil Kim and Vivica. Her face is starting to look a hot plastic mess!!!!

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