Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Black Hair- Where is YOUR money going?

The Black Hair DVD documentary is a telling story behind who is "really" making all of the money in the multi-BILLION dollar black hair care industry.

Researched, produced, and self-funded by film maker Aron Ranen, the documentary exposes what we all know but rarely talk about- WHO CONTROLS THE BLACK HAIR MARKET?

In most urban neighborhoods, the beauty supply stores are owned and operated by Koreans. Ranen shows that not only do Koreans dominate the beauty supply stores but also the distribution companies that sell to the stores. They also now dominate the weave/extension manufacturers. The documentary goes in-depth to show how the industry continues to be dominated by asian-owned companies. More than 100 years ago, African-Americans created and predominately controlled the industry but now that power has shifted. Most of the weave sold in the US is manufactured in China and South Korea.

Only Ranen can tell the complete story the way it needs to be told. The video can be purchased at and it is also available on youtube as a four-part series. We have uploaded Part One here on Stylerazzi. For the additional videos, please visit youtube.

1 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Pinkie said...

PREACH.. PREACH.. PREACH... and the sad thing is - our black owned companies such as B&B, are losing money and our support.

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