Friday, August 31, 2007

It's getting "HAUTE" in here!!!!!!

Are you ready for what is set to become one THE hottest fashion week in the south!!!!!!! Created by the Couture Connoisseur Fashion Network to provide a platform for designers to present and showcase their collections to buyers, consumers, celebrities, and the media, the First Annual Haute.Lanta Fashion Week will feature design collections from the hottest couture and urban celebrity designers from around the world.

Fashion Week takes place September 19-23, 2007 at the Garden & Plaza Atriums in the World Trade Center Atlanta, which is located in the Sun Trust Plaza in downtown Atlanta. There will be 6 runway shows featuring the collections of 30 designers including Bertin's House of Fashion, Mohka Life, Young Jeezy's 8732, Jim Jones' Nostic, Zulema from Bravo's Project Runway, Andres Aquino and more!!!!! On Saturday, from 10am-4pm, is the Trunk Show Suites- which is an indie-based show that will feature apparel and accessories from independent designers. Come ready to SHOP!!! This event will have the finest and most exclusive items that you will not find anywhere else PLUS the first 100 shoppers get a free gift!!!!! There will also be a celebrity gift and media suite, which will be located at the former Museum of Contemporary Art of GA.

If you have ever been to Atlanta, you know that nothing is complete with out a GRAND SOIREE!!!!!!! The opening night party will be held on Wednesday, September 19th at Fever Nightclub. Fever is one of the hottest spots in the A so the opening party is definitely one that can't be missed. Get there early and come red carpet ready because doors open at 11pm and I'm sure the creme de la creme of the city will be in attendance. Also being held that same night is a silent auction on that same night and 100% of the proceeds from the auction and also a percentage of the proceeds from all of the events will benefit the Save The Children foundation. If you can't make it to the opening party, there are after-parties that are scheduled during the rest of the week.

Fashion week will conclude on Sunday, September 23rd with the final fashion show entitled "Cool is the New Haute". This show will be held in the Plaza Atrium on a "V" shaped runway, and will feature live mannequins, spiral staircases, streaming video screens, and more.There will also be an after-party on this night as well called "Too Haute To Tell" !!!!!!! For more information, log on to . This is a must attend event so make your arrangements ASAP!!!

QuoteRazzi- Daily Quoteables

We would like to thank you for visiting StyleRazzi. This is a brand new site that just started this month and we have major plans for the month of September and beyond. We have decided to start doing daily quoteables. (Thanks for the inspiration, bro) Each weekday, we are going to post a quote from your favorite urban celeb or fashion icon. To kick-off the QuoteRazzi, we have the King of Urban Fashion himself-
Mr. Kanye "Louis-Vuitton Don" West.......

"If yall fresh to death then I'm deceased"
-Kanye West

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cleanse From Within.............

Earlier this month, Borba and Anheuser-Busch announced they reached an agreement that makes Anheuser Bush responsibility for the marketng and distribution of Borba Skin Balance Waters in the United States and other limited countries around the world.

Borba water is ingestible skin care that are clinically proven to help you attain natural, healthy skin. It is very well known that your skin is a direct reflection of what you put into your body so Borba uses the purest forms of vitamins, minerals, and botanical ingredients that are healthy for the skin. The Skin Balance Waters come in 4 varieties which each have a distinct skin benefit- Clarifying, Age Defying, Firming and Replinishing. Borba also makes Aqua-Less Crystallines, which are powdered forms of the drinkable skin care that can be mixed with any bottled water. The powder form is perfect for those who are on the go. The can fit conveniently into your purse, gym bag, suitcase, etc.... The Borba products are currently sold at high-end retailers such as Sephora, Ulta, and Equinox Gyms. Select items can also be found through QVC. The bottled Skin Balance sells on the borba website @ $30 for a 12 pack and the Aqua-Less Crystallines are $28 for 14 packets.

Borba isn't just exclusive to the drinkable skin-care products. They also have lip glosses, skin cleansers and lotions, and other facial and body care products. For more information, please visit


The celebs are winding down their time at Magic..... I say that because alot of them were everywhere else EXCEPT Vegas last night. Because I am sticking to my "only post new faces" theme- here we go.......... (sidenote: Nick Can-NOT is still in Vegas TRYING to promote the STOP HATING thing....... )

Carmelo "I LOVE MY WHITE TEE AND MY BLUNTS" Anthony was in Vegas. What's with the socks, Melo?!?!?! Are you taking style tips from my Grandpa now? He had an entourage with him but none of them were cute or had anything GREAT ON so I didn't even waste the time posting them!!!

Anthony Logistics for Men is a nature-based personal care system with products for the skin, bath, and body. The products are made with specific ingredients specially formulated for a man's skin. Some of these products include an ingrown hair treatment ($25), a Grab-N-Go Kit to carry your personal care items while you travel ($35), and much more!!!!!
A percentage of the profits from Anthony Logistics for Men are donated to charities to support the fight against protate cancer. For more information or to purchase the products, please visit. or call 866-ANTHONY!!!!!!..... Just trying to help my fellow brothas step their skin care game up b/c there ain't NOTHING worse than a man with bad skin and hair bumps!!!!!

Studio 72 and SoSo Famous

It was officially going down last night at the grand opening of Studio 72 in metro Atlanta. Studio 72 is Jermaine Dupri's new club located on Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker. The invite-only party was STAR STUDDED. Everyone came out to show their support..... According to Ms. Sophia on V-103, out of all the celebs in the house, Janet was the only one with security guards... The grand opening for the general public is tomorrow and the event is being called "Cruch Groove" hosted by Franki Ski. Studio 72 stays open until 5am!!!!!!

AWWWW!!!!!! Nelly touches the stomach of a pregnant Monica!!!!

She is glowing in her pregnancy

Usher "points out" the pregnant belly of his wife Tameka. I SURE do wish they made extra tight skinny jeans when I was pregnant.

Her and Monica are about the same amount of months along in their respective pregnancies. Monica must be having a big ol' healthy baby... or Tameka must've lied about how far along she is b/c her belly in teeny-tiny and I know that when you have your second/third/fourth child your belly stretches out alot faster b/c it altready has that elasticity there!!!!

(I'm sorry. I just had a tourette's moment!!!!!)

Now, back to the business.......


Case?!?!?!?! no comment

I would like to take a moment to pause and check out the RAW STYLE that is Crystal's shoes!!!!! This chick KILLED the shoe game last night!!! The shoes make the ENTIRE OUTFIT INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

Jermaine also debuted his SoSo Famous clothng line at the Magic Convention this week. Jermaine teamed up with Travis Barker and Blink 182's Famous Stars and Straps clothing line for the project. Jermaine states that the line will initially only be sold to exclusive stores. The line will consist of t-shirts, hoodies, belts and belt buckles. I have NEVER thought of JD as a man with a great sense of fashion but who am I.................... :-)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MAGIC Day 2:

Yesterday was Day 2 of the Magic show. Most of the same celebs from yesterday were in the building (Russell Simmons, LL, Nick Can-NOT, etc....). What I've decided to do is just post the super-fly looks or just the new faces that show up each day. With that being said.......

Here we have Jeezy, Scrappy, Jay-Z, and Slick Pulla. Check out for the COMMENT OF THE DAY regarding this photo. I'm still laughing!!!! Jeezy is rocking a shirt from his new 8732 Clothing collection. From the looks of it, I'm sure it's going to be a pretty hot line.

Ciara was in attendance for the Giant Magazine/ Rocawear party at Tao last night. She is rocking the Rocawear "Jump Roc" dress. You can snatch this look at for $68.

LMAO's of the DAY!!!!!!

I used to feel GHETTO for having a large tattoo on my upper arm but lately, with Keyshia Cole, Mary J and now Ms. Naomi proudly revealing their TATS I don't feel so bad :-)
My whole point in posting this photo is the look on her face. She looks like she's saying
I'm sure she is "STRAPPED" with a Blackberry just waiting for a BISH to say something!!!! LOL!!!

This is fashion designer DC Green at the MMK Brands launch @ Bungalow 8 in NYC last night!!! I don't know WhoTF told him that fly-fishing trousers were the next fashion thing. He looks a FINDING NEMO MESS.

Upgrade U: Two years after the storm......

It's your girl Miss Nista back again!!!! As we all know today marks the 2nd anniversary of "Hurricane Katrina", which has been labeled the deadliest hurricane to ever hit the United States. On this day, August 29,2005, Hurricane Katrina touched down on the Gulf Coast destroying lives, leaving thousands of survivors homeless, moneyless and searching for answers on how this awful tragedy had took place. Katrina formed on August 23 during the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season and caused devastation along much of the north-central Gulf Coast. The most severe loss of life and property damage occurred in New Orleans, Louisiana, which flooded as the levee system catastrophically failed, in many cases hours after the storm had moved inland. (source wikipedia). The natives in Louisiana and Mississippi were warned before the storm but never expected for their lives to be destroyed in a single day.

Many of us tuned in to our local news channels in complete shock and utter dismay as we watched the images appear across the television with tears in our eyes. It looked as though Louisiana was a third world country as our people pleaded for help searching frantically for family members, food, water, shelter. Once the sadness disappeared anger set in! We wondered why our President did not take action sooner to get food and help the elderly evacuate. Seeing that when the Tsunami hit we helped rapidly with no questions, we all started to think "President" Bush did not like "Black people". It took Kanye West to finally broadcast every African- Americans thoughts on the air waves.

The aftermath survivors continue to rebuild their lives. Some have relocated to other states such as Texas, Georgia, and Ohio to begin restart their lives. We have Louisiana residents whom refuse to move and will rebuilt there homes soon. FEMA continues to extend deadlines for survivors but that may never be enough to accommodate for the major loss they've suffered. In hopes of rebuilding the city that we all call the BIG Easy hosted the Essence Festival in July in hopes to boost there economy by bringing major celebrities to the event. In the year 2008 it will also host the NBA All-Star Game in efforts to help rebuild as well . As this day finally approaches let us all be "Thankful' for the family and friends we have and not take them for granted; because it can all be taken away in the "wink of an eye".

Be sure to tune into BET News on Thursday August 30th (8:30pm EST) they will be airing a special S.O.S.: Two years after the storm interviewing victims of Katrina, and Major Ray Nagin.

~Miss Nista

Black Hair- Where is YOUR money going?

The Black Hair DVD documentary is a telling story behind who is "really" making all of the money in the multi-BILLION dollar black hair care industry.

Researched, produced, and self-funded by film maker Aron Ranen, the documentary exposes what we all know but rarely talk about- WHO CONTROLS THE BLACK HAIR MARKET?

In most urban neighborhoods, the beauty supply stores are owned and operated by Koreans. Ranen shows that not only do Koreans dominate the beauty supply stores but also the distribution companies that sell to the stores. They also now dominate the weave/extension manufacturers. The documentary goes in-depth to show how the industry continues to be dominated by asian-owned companies. More than 100 years ago, African-Americans created and predominately controlled the industry but now that power has shifted. Most of the weave sold in the US is manufactured in China and South Korea.

Only Ranen can tell the complete story the way it needs to be told. The video can be purchased at and it is also available on youtube as a four-part series. We have uploaded Part One here on Stylerazzi. For the additional videos, please visit youtube.

Humpday Highlights!!!!!!

Nelson Mandela was in London for the unveiling of his bronze statue, which is located in Parliament Square. The statue is 9 feet tall and depicts Mandela delivering a speech.

Naomi Campbell was there for the unveiling festivities as well. Love the shades!!!!

Yung Joc held his album release party at the Opera in Atlanta. Here he is with fellow ATLien Bobby V. Which weighs more- Joc's chain or his nose?!?!?!LMAO!!! just kidding. Joc's mega chain actually weighs 14lbs

TIP was spotted in NYC for the taping of the David Letterman Show. He performed with Wyclef.

Kanye speaks to guests buring his listening party at World Stages in NYC!!!

***If you would like to get shades like Naomi or a watch like Kanye, make sure you stay tuned to STYLERAZZI. We will be detailing all of these great looks and how YOU can get them

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday Action!!!!!!

Serena has been looking mighty fabulous lately but this right here is un-excuse-able!!!!! some body get that girl a perm and a pressing comb.........

Tichina and "lil chris" look cute

Wendy Raquel Robinson and Tia Mowry look great!!! Maybe the CW chicks need to start giving fashion advice b/c they always look great!!!

Hey Ne-Yo. How you doin'!!! LOL!!!!! No, really, he looks cute though

MORE MAGIC.......................

The party continued at the Stars and Straps party at Tao Beach Club.....................
One of my favorite white boys Paul Wall with a "very high looking" JD!!!!!!! Can I get a hit of what HE was smoking!!! LOL!!!!!!

Lil Jon, Scrappy and Travis Barker...............I would've loved to hear THAT conversation!!!! Why does Scrappy have a "WB" emblem? is it maybe b/c he looks like Bugs Bunny in the mouth?!?! I'm just saying.......

Keenan's big ole' fat sexy self!!!!!!

Is it just me or does his fat ass have a chain that says "EAT".... on second, close up look it says LEAK!!!! I think I like the EAT chain concept much better

Karl Kani was there rocking a extra tight extra medium sweater and a matching throwback chain!!!! It's looks JUST LIKE he stepped right out of a damn time machine from 1989....


It's MAGIC BISHES!!!!!!!!

This week is the coveted Magic Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Vegas. Everyone attends the Magic Show to both showcase and browse all of the new fashions. Magic is usually where celebs will display their new clothing line ventures as well. Here is what it looked like for DAY 1 of the festivities. This is a week long event so this entire week we will be showcasing photos from the show..................

Diddy has DEFINITELY been all over the place in the first 24 hours of the magic show......

Here he is last night at Light Nightclub inside the Bellagio hotel for the launch of his Spring 2008 Sean Jean Underwear/ Loungewear line. Does this man EVER sleep? (Ethan Miller/ Getty images)

Earlier that day he was seen with Mrs. Tina and Beyonce

Here he is with Ben Baller and L-R-G Co-Owner Jonas Bevacqua (Jacob Andrezejczak/ Getty Images). Jonas is looking quite DAPPER. His whole ensemble is fashion excellence
Diddy was also photo'd hanging out with Rich Boy "just bought a Cadillac......"
Now......................on to the D-List:
Nick Cannon was in the building still TRYING to make this whole
"Stop Hating" campaign thing happen

LL Cool J



Monday, August 27, 2007

Keyshia Channels Mary!!!!

Keyshia Cole was here in Atlanta over the weekend. Rumors have ben swirling around the web that her and Mary J are having some r&b beef!!!!! I don't know about the rumors but I do know, from the looks of this clip, Keyshia is KILLIN Mary's version of SWEET THANG!!!!

Monday Mess...............

Happy Monday!!!! I REALLY wasn't feeling like looking through all of the photos from the Teen Choice Awards so here is the mini razzi from the awards and some other MESS from over the weekend..................

Eve and her ratty weave was at the teen choice awards. I'ma need for her to get her blonde "bob" back b/c this new look is NOT what's good

Nick Cannon was rocking some of his STOP HATING gear!!!!! I guess he got a perm b/c i NEVER remember his hair being this wavy and "daddy yankee" lookin. ANd is it just me or does his chick suffer from the RHIANNA/ TYRA alien forehead syndrome?!?!?

I love her outfit. I forget which twin this is but she gets an A+

Meagan Good and her "unhappy eyebrows" were spotted over the weekend at her rumored boyfriend Thomas Jones' birthday bash at Crash Mansion in NYC.

That has to be the worst weave I have EVER seen on her and Meagan may want to STOP taking plastic surgery tips from Lil Kim and Vivica. Her face is starting to look a hot plastic mess!!!!

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